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Choose RTSSV After the Crash – Information Kit

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After the Crash – Information Kit

RTSSV has developed an ‘After the Crash – Information Kit’ with strategies and resources to help people cope after a serious road crash. It outlines common signs and symptoms of trauma, strategies to help cope and information about how to access support and counselling from a range of service providers.

“Our clients often tell us that they were overwhelmed and confused following a road crash and that their lives were turned upside down. In the first few days following a serious crash, having access to accurate information and connecting people with support services can have a positive impact upon their psychological well being. Each year we support over 1,000 Victorians who have been impacted by road trauma.”

“I believe that the After the Crash – Information Kits will play a significant role is assisting people in those early days. The kits will provide information about trauma, including an outline of some basic strategies that we hope will help them to manage the trauma symptoms they are experiencing, as well as contact details for further support should they require it.”
Bernadette Nugent, Manager Counselling and Support Services

Social Impact

This project is to fund the costs of printing and posting the ‘After the Crash – Information Kits’ to 300 Victorian families who have been involved in a serious road crash.

Help us reach our target of $1,200!