In 2009, when Jan retired, and she decided to become a volunteer with Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV). Due to her background in administration, Jan felt she could be most useful helping in the office. For the last ten years, Jan has been coming into the office every Friday afternoon to input the data from the Road Trauma Awareness Seminar (RTAS) program evaluations.

Jan has very much become part of the RTSSV family, and although the work she does for us does not put her in the public eye, it is extremely important to us as it shows the impact that RTAS has on the program’s participants and is, therefore, the information we use regularly. Although Jan is a quiet achiever, her presence in the office never goes unnoticed.

We warmly welcome Jan as a life member, and we would like to officially thank you Jan, for your commitment to RTSSV, for all the work you have done over the last ten years and for just being you.