Kerry Norton interview by Yahoo News

Road safety ambassador Kerry Norton was interviewed by Yahoo News about her road trauma story. Kerry makes sure her family members never drive while they’re tired, and she shares her story to encourage others to be responsible while behind the wheel.

“If you’re getting behind the wheel, or if you know someone who you’re sitting beside is fatigued, offer, ‘Can I drive for you?’, or vice versa, ask, ‘Should I be driving?” Ms Norton says.

“Especially to drink drivers. If your friend has drunk too much, it’s your responsibility to let them know not to get behind the wheel.”

Her message is to remind people all it takes is a split second.

“You can kill someone and go to jail, or you can lose a family member, or two like I did, my husband and my daughter, in a split second.”

A big thank you to Kerry, for sharing your story.

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