Life members 2017

360_lowresAt our 2017 Annual General Meeting, we inducted three new life members into the organisation, Glenda Barker, Michael Perkins and Sue Cox (posthumously).

Glenda Barker
Glenda has in some way been associated with the organisation since the very early days of our existence.

Understanding first-hand the devastating effects of road trauma on families and communities, her desire to support people impacted by road trauma prompted her engagement with the then, Road Trauma Support Team. Glenda’s work with the organisation has spanned all functions of the organisation and has included:

  • Speaking at our Road Trauma Awareness Seminars
  • Working on the organising committee of the Rose Garden weekend
  • Assisting the team at Blackburn by working in administration
  • Volunteering in, and facilitating several bereavement support groups
  • Volunteering time and expertise at the Time for Remembering planning committee
  • Speaking to the media and presenting to community groups

Glenda generosity extended beyond many years of volunteering her time and expertise. Several years ago she donated three pieces of garden furniture which today, remain as central features in our courtyard at Blackburn.

Glenda’s contributions to our organisation have been given generously and selflessly.

Michael Perkins
Michael commenced with us back in 2004 and, after 13 years, remains a vital part of the team. After surviving a serious crash as a teenager, and sustaining devastating and lifelong injuries, he joined the ranks of our education team to support and educate people at risk of road trauma.

He has worked in many areas, predominantly in education programs, however, his vast array of contributions includes:

  • Working in our Road Trauma Awareness Seminar programs as a volunteer speaker and educator
  • Educating and guiding young people in our Drive to Learn and youth orientated programs
  • Contributing to incarcerated drivers’ wellbeing in our prisons program
  • Presenting to schools and community groups
  • Contributing to our strategic direction

Like his peers, Michael’s contributions have been given generously and selflessly and always for the benefits of our organisation and the community. Like so many of our people, he has shown courage and resilience living with the impacts of his crash and turning his challenges into opportunities for growth and learning for himself and others.

Sue Cox
Sue survived a terrible crash as a teenager which left her with critical and lifelong injuries. Sue started volunteering a decade ago in our Road Trauma Awareness Seminar program in Bendigo. Sue worked as a volunteer speaker sharing her story with participants in the hope that it would create awareness and ultimately safety. Her approach was always non-judgemental and her enthusiasm and optimism were infectious. Like so many of our volunteers, Sue frequently offered her time to speak with the media and participate in road safety presentations to community groups and corporates. She was a wonderful support to the team in Bendigo and to our organisation.

Sue was an energetic and extremely positive advocate for road safety and supporter of our work.

In July 2017, Sue lost her battle with cancer leaving her husband Gavin and their sons, Martin, Patrick and Chris to perpetuate her smile, optimism and endless energy.

Gavin, on Sue’s behalf, accepted her admission posthumously as an honorary life member.