My Road Safety Wish…

Road safety wishes from our 2019 Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign.

Is that driver were more courteous to each other on the road

Is for people to take fewer risks – temporary actions can have permanent consequences

To be safer on the roads

Safe family

Take more care on country roads

Look carefully. Love to

People to be more careful on T intersections on country roads

For people to be more aware of how drugs and alcohol affect driving and lives

Make sure your loved one never walk alone on our roads

For family and friends to all get home safe

No crashes

Zero death toll

That people will slow down

No one to get hurt on the road

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Always my brave warrior – Caleb

Never let mates walk home alone. Stay safe

For cars to have more safety features

Take care everywhere

No more suffering from preventable causes

That everybody comes home safely

For there to be fewer deaths on the road

No mobile phones while driving

For everyone to be more careful and obey the law

To make people more aware of road safety

No more drink driving

Road safety wishes from our 2018 Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign.

Animals do not get hurt.

Car/truck mechanics to be accountable for their work.

Everyone gets home safely after every trip.

Everyone take care on the roads, no need to rush, be respectful.

Everyone to feel safe on our roads.

For each person to take responsibility

For every driver to take a pause, have an extra eye for pedestrians and to remember you don’t always have to be in a rush.

For everyone to drive on our roads safely.

For everyone to get home safely without any troubles.

For people to see their actions have consequences and not to cost innocent people their lives.

I wish that it is easier to cross the road when I ride my bike home from school.

I wish that people take more care on country roads. – Lisa

Is that everyone is aware and takes more care. – Melissa

Just take care

Fewer deaths and accidents.

Love and heartfelt thoughts.

More consideration of pedestrians and cyclists by planners, designers, decision makers, motorists and the community.

More drug and alcohol testing.

More Police.

Much stricter laws for everything.

My wish is that everyone who gets behind the wheel of a can is 100% focused on the road and drives safely.

My wish is that people obey the road rules and be more aware of the other drivers around them. Everyone arrives home safely. No empty seats at the dinner table.

No “bad” news on Sunday mornings.

No deaths.

No drug driving, no drink driving, be careful.

No drug driving, no drink driving, care about other drivers, driving is a privilege, not a right.

No one dies on our roads. Zero deaths.

No one else is injured or die on our roads.

No texting law, big times.

People do not get run over by cars and other vehicles.

Please do not speed, speeding is the reason I am here.

People who are injured receive the help they need.

Reduce road trauma.

Safe choices and safe driving.

Safer roads and countermeasures.

Safety for everyone.

Safety outcomes are the primary objective of road design in debates, media and political messages.

Slow down and stay safe. – Lee

Speed and wildlife don’t mix, slow down.

Strict laws on text driving.

Stricter, harsher penalties for texting drivers, please!

Technology in cars, avoid the need to touch your phone.

That everyone comes home alive.

That everyone looks after each other on the road.

That everyone looks out for one another on the road.

That no lives are lost on our roads.

To stop people dying in UTE rollovers.

Tolerance of all people on the road.

Wish is for drivers to slow down.

Wish is that my family returns home safely every time they go on the roads.

Zero deaths on our roads. – Abbey and Jan

Zero deaths, better education.