A road safety ambassador for Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) for more than 15 years, Kerryann never thought she would be extending her support globally.

Having personally experienced road trauma, Kerryann dedicates her time to help others get through difficult moments in life. Her husband fell asleep at the wheel due to fatigue on a camping trip, and tragically lost his life and also that of their daughter. Kerryann was seriously injured and spent many months recovering both physically and mentally.

Kerryann found love again and later had a beautiful son with her second husband, who sadly passed away from cancer.

Navigating through her own journey experiencing tragic loss, Kerryann is again dealing with life’s challenges, closing her bookshop business due to the uncertain COVID-19 environment.

It is a reminder that crisis can happen at any time, and coming together is key to getting through it.

In between finding creative ways to keep her now 15-year-old son entertained in isolation, Kerryann received a message on Facebook, and she felt a need to open it. The message was from a young girl in India who was grieving after losing her brother on our roads who had been studying in Melbourne.

A tragic road incident caused by fatigue, this was devastating news for his family back in India as well as Camo, his beloved rescue dog that kept him company while studying.

The sister found Kerryann through her story on the RTSSV website and expressed her concern about finding Camo a home, now alone and at risk of being a lost dog once again.

As Kerryann already understood how fatigue and the effect of road trauma hits a family, she kindly opened her heart and home to this grieving family on the other side of the world to care for and adopt Camo.

Camo took some time settling in his new home, but he soon became Kai’s (Kerryann’s son) best friend, and it’s now hard to separate the two!

The family in India sent over a gift and a note of appreciation for holding Camo’s paw through his grief. The note mentioned that her brother is smiling from heaven, knowing that his beloved dog is being cared for. Giving comfort to his family in this time of loss showed kindness, love and a deep connection to both families touched by the effects of fatigue on the road.

We all have a responsibility to be safe on our roads to ensure others get home safely.

Thank you Kerryann and the family in India for sharing your story.