Behind the dollar signs and the statistics, the roles and responsibilities are people who want to contribute to road safety. They may have been personally impacted by road trauma, or they may simply be good people wanting to make a positive difference in their community. Our volunteers are the face behind the statistics that we hear so often reported in the news and the familiar faces you see around town. Each of our volunteers has a unique story and perspective on road safety. By drawing on their experiences, our volunteers help us to make better decisions when we get behind the wheel so that we may reach our destinations safely.

To our 130 volunteers across Victoria, thank you. You are remarkable. You are resilient. You are courageous, and you are the backbone of our organisation. We are privileged that you have chosen us to benefit your work and are very proud to have you with us. Victorian roads are safer because of you!  

Below is a selection of photos of some of our volunteers: 


"I am very passionate about what I do - speaking to others, young and old about the ripple effect of their behaviour on the road."


"Being thanked, questioned, and even seeing a tear as I speak makes it even more worthwhile. Knowing that I may make a difference, and make someone think of their actions and choices before they drive or while they are on the road, is very rewarding."